Booking Policies

*Please make sure you read and understand the booking policies below before coming to your session, Thank you! 

  • Must be 18+ to book a tattoo session! There is no provision under NC state law for parental consent of a minor to obtain a tattoo. ($100 Minimum)

  • Piercings under 18+ must come with legal guardian (Walk-ins welcome)

  • A non-refundable $60 deposit is required at the time of booking and will go towards service.

  • Please inform me that you’ll be running late!!!

  • Within 48hr notice, your appointment can be rescheduled up to one time based upon my availability. Second time requires a new deposit. A same-day cancellation/reschedule will require a new deposit. Please understand that your same slot could have went to another potential paying client. Wasted time can not be replaced, therefore time is money.

  • Deposit will only be refunded if myself make any appointment changes at your inconvenience.

  • Most importantly be deposit ready once I respond to your booking request. It’s very unorganized to hold your slot when I have others whom are actually deposit ready to book that same slot. First come, First serve!

*Only accepting cash (preferred), cashapp, zelle, and apple pay.
Not accepting cards, paypal, or venmo.